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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Unoffical practice day

Today we had our first airfield briefing and finished the registration process. Corey and Devin were able to assemble and take a short flight to scout the area. Becky and I went into town to buy some groceries to stock the cottage.

Our cottage owner was out this morning doing another kind of stalking... looks like he has the kill.

Tomorrow the official practice period starts and the pilots should get a more thorough look at the competition area. Today they reported lots of lakes and lots of trees in the local area, however areas a little farther out show more landing possibilities.

After two days of straight rain, and a few weeks of cold weather and rain prior, the post flight soaring weather report was 7 kts to 5000 ft. Not bad at all. The region has a quite sandy soil which obviously drains quite well leaving enough dry ground to give good soaring conditions.

Tonight we were all invited to the Finnish evening dinner. The meal consisted of salmon with dill, new potatoes, crudites, pickled herring and sausage. Competition Director Juha "Silva" Silvennoinen insisted that no one go home hungry. A montage of soaring video clips was shown though dinner, one scene depicting a high speed pass in a Duo Discus across a lake at the end of the airfield. It had many pilots' eyes wide open.

That's all for now.

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