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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flying Day 2

A tough day today with good, well marked lift in spots and weak, soggy thermals in poor visibility the rest of the time. The first leg was good soaring but it got tricky leaving the first turn. Heading south after finally finding a good climb the clouds went soft with a lot of shadowing from higher clouds. It looked for a while like it would die before we could get back. I got to cloud base and flew along the edge of the mountains, reaching a glide to the finish but too low for the 1100 meter finish altitude. Two more crumby thermals got me within about 200 meters of the finish. I then hit a 5 knotter and went back through the gate at the right altitude. I am not sure how this will be scored, but I don't think it will change the results. Still no scores on the web, I think I got 5th place again.

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