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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain days

Second no flying day, Tuesday.

Monday looked pretty bleak.

Spent the last two days trying to be a tourist. I am not very good at this but I had excellent help from the Brits, Sarah Kelman and her two crew members Mary and Gavin.

Today looked like it would have been a reasonably good flying day, it was much better than forecast as seems to happen when ever a no flying day is called. The local rules put some new pressures on calling tasks.

The WAG venue is new and different. The scoring is basically Grand Prix but we need to fit into a tight schedule with the other many flying sports. We are attempting to fly four days as an elimination, with the top 6 pilots flying the fifth day this Saturday. Whoever wins the fifth day wins the contest. Because of the difficult scheduling, if we flew today we would loose the option of flying Friday. Since the weather is forecast to improve over the next few days today was scrubbed in favor of Friday.

We have a very good chance of flying the next four days. The pilots are excellent. There are three Dianna 2's flying, they seem to have a significant advantage over the other gliders as they will climb with anything and outglide anything in the 15 meter class. I expected to see more gaggle flying - the Dianas can hang with the group all the way around and then leave them on the final glide. No one flew this way on the first day. Sebastian Kawa won the first day in his Dianna but flew much of it alone and attributes his win to a very good climb on the third leg. (He also happens to be a very good pilot!)

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